Sleep Research Facility

I recently happened upon the amazing drone/ambient artist ‘sleep_research facility’ ( Particularly interesting is his first album ‘Nostromo’ (currently available on Cold Spring Records) which is inspired by Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’

Here is the description of the album from the sleep_research faclity website:

“The Nostromo work draws inspiration mainly from R.Scott's 1979 classic sci-fi noir "Alien" - and in particular shots of the interior of the deep-space haulage vehicle the Nostromo during the film's first 5 minutes. Various themes and notions are touched upon by these quiet, haunting scenes, and a conscious decision was made to marry the implications these images carried to an interest in music and sound reflective of spaces as opposed to narrative. The resultant "fictional listening" is a simple exploration of the vast ship in all its quiet darkness. Although apparently silent, it's living human components lying frozen in the deepest of sleep, the ship itself throbs a constant heartbeat from the rumble and pulse of its massive engines, the hum of energy flowing through its circuitry, hydraulic fluids pumping through its quiet mass. But behind these layers hide smaller, more indistinguishable elements (was that something scurrying away off in the shadows…?)”