I am a sound designer, editor, phonographer and recordist based in London. I have experience working across a range of formats specialising in video game sound design.

Previously I have worked as Sound Designer on the BAFTA winning Batman Arkham Asylum and the subsequent Batman Arkham City video games as well as designing and mixing the sound for various short films including the commissioned art short ‘Le Repositoire d’un Coup d’Oeil’. I have also undertaken sound design work on a number of AAA video game titles including ‘Wipeout HD’ which was subsequently nominated for the ‘outstanding achievement in sound design’ award at the 12th annual AIAS awards.

I am fascinated by all aspects of sound creation and experimentation, not just in the studio but extending into the world beyond with a well developed yet ever expanding field recording technique.


Rocksteady Studios ‘Batman: Arkham City’

Rocksteady Studios ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’

Cultivate Films ‘Driven’

‘Le Repositoire d’un Coup d’Oeil’

SCEE ‘Wipeout HD’

SCEE/8 Bit Games ‘Elefunk’

SCEE/Ninja Theory ‘Heavenly Sword’

Channel 4 ‘Secret Policeman’s Ball’

Rubyfruits ‘Ginger Gora and the Gentles’